OpenAPS – Assembly and Start

All of the parts have arrived! The only component not pictured here is the case/hard shell that will hold everything together. BTW, not using a 3d-printed case can also drastically reduce the total cost of this rig. I’ve seen others modify a Tic-Tac box to hold everything.

OpenAPS Parts

My initial reaction to the materials was that everything was much smaller than I anticipated. Here is the Explorer Board, where everything gets connected (excuse the dirty quarter):

Explorer Board (Dirty Quarter)

Here is the battery, I thought this would have a bigger footprint (excuse the dirty quarter, again):

Battery (dirty quarter)

Next, I followed the instructions on the Understanding Your Rig page in the OpenAPS documentation. Afterwards, I followed the step by step guide for Installing OpenAPS.

The couple of things missing from the lists are:

  • Parts:
    • Tweezers (used to assemble board)
    • Small Phillips Head Screw Driver (used to assemble board)
    • Dexcom Charging Cable (used to connect, power, charge device)
  • Steps:
    • You should press enter a second time on the first command. It will look like nothing happened after you type the ‘screen’ command, but it did, you just have to press enter.
    • In order, you enter your network name/password, then you specify your timezone. It’s a small departure from the documentation. After this, you enter what you want the name of your rig to be (which is omitted in the screenshots in the documentation).
    • The timing is a little off too, it says 10+ minutes, plus is right. It took about 25 minutes for me.

Anyway, when I was done, and I had watched the logs for a bit, it looked like this:


And now, I’m going to walk around with this in my pocket:


And now my Nightscout looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 5.11.30 PM

I’ll post an update in a few days to share my experience with using the device.