Shopping List for My New Pancreas

Yay! My old Medtronic pump is compatible with the OpenAPS framework, now it’s time to shop.


Item Price
Intel Edison with Jublinux (the brain) $74.99
Explorer Block (the other components needed) $74.33
Battery (for the pancreas on the go) $12.50
USB Cables [1 & 2] (to keep everything connected) $10.78
Nuts and Bolts (to keep it all together) $2.95
Enclosure (top and bottom) $42.12
Total $217.67

These prices are as of this posting. With Tax and Shipping (Massachusetts) the total is: $268.00!!

You might be saying, “Wow, that’s a lot of money!”. I did add the expedited shipping and processing which wouldn’t be necessary if you are patient, but I’ve had diabetes for 27 years and !